10 Things You Could Be Doing Instead Of Being On Facebook

10 Things You Could Be Doing Instead Of Being On Facebook

We all know that moment… You have a spare minute between tasks and next thing you know, your phone’s in your hand and you’re scrolling mindlessly through your feed. You think to yourself… ‘when did I even pick up my phone?’

Whether it’s sitting on the bus or train, waiting for a file to open or a project to load, we often find that it’s that simple break in concentration that can lead us into temptation.

They’re the tools we use and rely on everyday – but sometimes, it feels like our devices are controlling us instead of the other way around! But what if we could become more aware of the unconscious impulse to drift away into social media and really take advantage of the present moment? What if we could find more beneficial ways to make use of those 5 minute breaks throughout our days?

Well here’s 10 things you could be doing instead of being on Facebook or Instagram, or Snapchat… (aka insert your favourite vice app here).


10 Things You Could Be Doing Instead Of Being On Facebook

  1. Take a full, deep breath, stretch your back and grab yourself a drink of water or a cup of tea.
  2. Message or call a friend to tell them how awesome they are, or that you hope they have a great day.
  3. Read a chapter of your current book, or look up an article on a topic you’re currently interested in.
  4. Pick up your fur-kid (or real kids) and show them some love!
  5. Take time for self care. Wash your face, light a candle or even give yourself a foot massage! You’d be surprised how much stress you hold in your feet and how much the tension just drops away. (Great for early mornings and/or a quiet evening moment.)


10 Things You Could Be Doing Instead Of Being On Facebook

Before you unlock, ask yourself: Is there something more valuable I could be doing with this time?

  1. Learn a quick skill! Watch a 5 minute video or read a quick tutorial. It’s amazing what you can learn in just a few minutes.
  2. Go outside – go for a walk around the block, or just stand outside for a few minutes and take in everything around you. Allow yourself to become aware of the sensations, the sun on your skin, the breeze flowing around you, the sound of birds or cars or people.
  3. Think of 3 positive things that have happened to you today or that you’re grateful for. You could even write them down and start a journal for next time you need a motivational boost!
  4. Tidy your desk. Take 5 minutes to clear any clutter and neaten the items you do need to keep on your desk, then bask in the added mental space as a result.
  5. Put your phone away for a while – in another room, in a drawer or hand it to a colleague to hold onto for a while. Take it away from your work space or downtime/relax space, so you can give yourself time to really be, without the temptation of filling it up with social media.

Next time you find yourself with a spare moment and a strong temptation to reach for your phone, why not choose to add value your day instead, with a positive and productive 5 minute mini-sesh instead of getting sucked into the social abyss.

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10 Things You Could Be Doing Instead Of Being On Facebook

Now we’d love to hear from you too – what are your favourite ways to ground yourself in the moment?

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