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Here's the lowdown on everything Sarah & Laura

Who is (are?) Sarah & Laura Design?

Hey there, we’re (you guessed it) Sarah & Laura. We love:

  • Hiking, camping, paddle-boarding, gardening, and just generally being outdoors
  • Inside we love reading a good book on the couch, journalling, cooking and blogging
  • Languages – Japanese, Indonesian, HTML and CSS are our secret codes
  • Our dog Bonnie – she’s our office mascot and Lap Warmer in Residence


So what do you do?

  • In a super simplified nutshell: Web Design & Branding
  • What we really do: Empower small businesses to kick goals and leap across the boundaries of possibility.
Web Design in Adelaide, South Australia | Sarah & Laura Design

How do you guys work so well together?

Sarah is our branding nut and Laura is our website guru. We come together over our mutual loves of design, travel, food and incessant desires to learn all the things. We also sold our houses and travelled the world together for a year back in 2015, so it’s safe to say we’ve worked out all the kinks and know all there is to know about each other!


Why do you do what you do?

Our mission?
Spark energy. Empower action.

For women in business and budding entrepreneurs… for anyone looking to create a life outside the ‘norm’.

Want to launch a business? Sell your house and live a nomadic lifestyle? Pursue your passion, hone your craft, become a better human, or learn to prioritise your wellbeing?

If some or all of that resonates with you, we’re here for you, and we want to hear from you!


Why am I here?

We imagine you’re probably here because of one of those reasons above. Maybe you’re looking for inspiration, want to brainstorm your budding big idea, want to nail those details to create your very own brand, or need a website to grow your online presence.


This is all super new to me. Can you help?

Absolutely. You can check out our services, read more on fear and learning on our blog, or reach out to us here.

If you’re keen to pick our brains, we can also catch up for a coffee conversation and branding sesh.


Your website looks pretty cool – what should I check out first?

If you’re keen to work together on a website, check out our website quick start guide here. If you want to learn more about fear – in starting a business, or in life – check out Sarah’s conversations over at ‘The Fear Less Series’ here. And if you wanna see what we do, and what people say about us, you can do that too.


Where are you based?

We call the Western Suburbs of Adelaide home, but Port Adelaide is where you’ll usually find us – meeting clients over a coffee at Drummer Boy Cafe or sipping a chai in the evenings at The Lighthouse Wharf Hotel.


What can I expect if we catch up in person?

Expect warm smiles, energetic conversation and lots of note-taking. We’re casual and friendly, and take after Mark Zuckerberg with our jeans and t-shirt uniform approach. 😉


I don’t live near you. Can we still work together?

Zoom is our happy place – we can connect with video or just audio. You can also reach out to us the old fashioned way with a phone call or email. We’re super grateful in this day and age that timezones and distance mean nothing – connection, passion, and living from the heart mean everything.


I’ve never hired a web designer before. Should we work together?

If you love what you do and can’t wait to share it with the world then we’re super keen to hear from you.

We’ll be the perfect team if:

  • Your website or project is a high priority – our best work and creativity flows when we are as passionate about your project as you are.
  • You’re prepared to put in the hard work – send us your content, work with us within the timelines and we’ll get along perfectly.
  • You value innovative design and hate copying other people’s IP.
  • You love being organised and keeping on top of invoices. 😉


What is your one piece of advice?

Be curious and open to discovering all there is to know about people, nature, business and what’s happening deep inside your own hidden core of potential.


What’s your favourite word?

Oooh, oooh (Laura piping up here) – Floccinaucinihilipilification. It’s actually the exact opposite of what we do (look it up), but it is super fun to say!


Do you have any advice for tapping into my creative side?

Definitely, our favourite question! If you’re keen to learn and upskill, or just really want to know the ‘how’ of things, head to our resource hub for more ideas.

If you simply want to get those creative juices flowing, we recommending pulling out a pen or pencil and paper, and start to write and sketch your ideas.

  • Write – dot points, sentences, ideas, word associations or mind maps.
  • Draw – sketch your vision, create a storyboard
  • Create a mood board – on Pinterest, or the old fashioned way, with a collage of newspaper clippings, printed images etc


Where do you ladies hang out online?

We looove hanging out on Instagram, so if you want to DM us there, feel free! On Facebook, we also love following the conversation on our posts, and you’ll usually find us popping up on one of our favourite groups – SA Woman Australia.

  • P.S. Did you know we also run a food blog AND a frugal living blog? Check out for recipe inspo from our travels around the world, and for everything we’ve learned about saving money and living sustainably.


So where to from here?

We’re so glad you asked! Pick up the phone, send us an email, or shoot us a quick message. We can’t wait to hear from you. 🙂

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