Overcoming Overwhelm: The Power of Happiness Course Review - Jumping for Joy (or attemping to) in Kos, Greece.

Overcoming Overwhelm: The Power of Happiness Review

Empowering women is something we’re extremely passionate about, and we count ourselves fortunate to connect with so many amazing ladies out there doing incredible things with their businesses. There’s nothing we love more than being there to support them through every step of the way, from celebrating the wins, riding the lows, and everything in between…

Overcoming Overwhelm: The Power of Happiness Course Review - Jumping for Joy (or attemping to) in Kos, Greece.

But recently, we’ve noticed the words burn out, exhaustion, and overwhelmed popping up more and more frequently in these discussions, as we all juggle not just growing businesses, but the feeling that we’re not spending enough time on social relationships, on exercise, getting enough sleep and all the million things we know we should be doing.

So why does it seem so hard to find that balance sometimes?

Overcoming Overwhelm: The Power of Happiness Course Review - Sarah & Laura Laughing

Image courtesy of Creative Live: The Power of Happiness Course (Vanessa Van Edwards)

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The Power Of Happiness

When we were offered the chance to review a Creative Live course, we realised we had the opportunity not just to brush up on some of our own skills, but to choose something that would help us empower our clients, friends and family as well.

When we found The Power of Happiness Course by Vanessa Van Edwards, we thought we’d found a winner.

Little did we know that by the end, we’d be summing it up in just two little words…


The biggest thing we learned from Vanessa is to stop putting off our happiness. Sure we’ve all heard it, no doubt whispered it in our own minds… “When X happens, then I’ll be happy.” Uh uh. All that leads to is putting it off again and again, for the next thing.

Recognising this, and flipping it around, made us realise that we are in charge of our own happiness – right here, right now. No more putting off the things that we enjoy, that actually recharge us and provide us with the physical, mental and emotional energy needed to juggle everything that comes with an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

No more feeling guilty for chilling out with a good book, or going outside just to bask in the sun when our minds need a break. No more persevering with that annoying ‘pebble’ we’ve been putting up with for months. Vanessa’s course has trained us to take time to tackle each one head on – improve, remove and move on!

We all deserve to be happy, but that doesn’t mean it comes without a little bit of digging and personal effort.

Overcoming Overwhelm: The Power of Happiness Course Review - Laura trying out pilates at PhysioWest.

Next step pilates??

Happiness Is A Daily Intention

You’ll have to watch the course yourself to learn all about your own personal happiness toolset, but here are some new things we’ve brought into our daily lives as a result of watching this course:

  • It’s motivated both of us to actively change our lifestyles, and allow ourselves more time to relax or engage in activities we enjoy – together or separately – even when busy with work.
  • Laura committed to (and recently completed!) a 30 day yoga challenge (now entering her second set of 30 days!)
  • Sarah is playing her guitar again after five years of the poor thing being shoved in the back of the wardrobe. Her guitar now takes pride of place on display in our living room.
  • Together we planted a vegetable garden as a motivator to grow and look after seasonal food and enjoy a brain nourishing activity out in the sun and fresh air.
  • We’re now more open to analysing our skills and activities, and seeing whether we enjoy them / want to do them more often / or don’t want to do them at all – and then minimise them from our life. (Pebbles/Stop Start Continue Activities)
  • We schedule in regular fun activities and catchups/meetups from our ‘Playstorming’ list to make sure we don’t forget to actually do the fun things we want to do.
  • Cause Champion – we talked about what is important to us, which is empowering people to run their own business to the best of their abilities. We thought Kiva best reflects what we as Sarah & Laura Design strive for and now actively donate to the charity in support of women entrepreneurs in developing countries. Our first loan is to Malohat from Tajikistan who was successfully funded to purchase a new embroidery machine to create tailored traditional patterns for Tajik women in her city.

And the biggest change? Celebrating all of our wins, big and small. From the tiniest item crossed off the to-do list, to the biggest projects completed for our amazing clients.

Happiness is a journey, not a destination.

Overcoming Overwhelm: The Power of Happiness Course Review - Sarah & Laura in Osaka practising their Japanese language.

More conversations with amazing friends? Yes please! 🙂

Our New Morning Routine (Setting ourselves up for a great day)

It’s so easy to get caught up in the rush of doing, and forget all about ‘being’, so now we’ve turned our daily ‘routines’ into ‘rituals’ that we actively look forward to when that alarm goes off in the morning.

  • 6.30am – (Laura) Do half an hour of yoga and mindfulness then jump in the shower (another unexpectedly joyful discovery!)  / (Sarah) Spend time training and playing with our pup Bonnie.
  • 7.00am – Begin our daily ritual of brewing coffee in our favourite moka pot. We also now drink our banana smoothies in cocktail glasses (because it feels so decadent and because, why the hell not?!)
  • 8.00am – We then take 30 minutes to read a book, magazine, blog posts or news articles, followed by 30 minutes of study of our choice. We’ll head to Creative Live and for all kinds of courses relating to business, personal branding, technical and personal skills. We also recently discovered an app called Mondly which is helping us refresh our conversational Japanese with the goal of being able to have a dinner conversation with our friends in Osaka for our trip in June this year.
  • 9.00am – Jump into work ready to kick goals and have a productive day!

What sunk in most from doing the Power of Happiness course is just how far reaching are the effects of our happiness levels through all aspects of our life – from work to sleep and even health. If we don’t take the time to nourish our inner spark, there’s no way we can bring the best of ourselves to the table in anything we do. Business or otherwise.

Overcoming Overwhelm: The Power of Happiness Course Review - Jumping for Joy (or attemping to) in Kos, Greece.

When you go for that epic jump photo and this happens…

Seriously, if there is just one thing you do for yourself this whole year – watch The Power of Happiness Course. Based on scientific studies and rooted in a set of powerful tools (and yes, involving a bit of homework!), this course will give you the power to transform your life and allow your inner happy soul to shine.

Do you struggle with any particular areas at the moment? What’s one thing you wish you were doing more of, and one thing you could minimise in your life to create space for the things that matter most to you? 😘

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